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What is Biomechanics?

Biomechanics is the science concerned with the internal and external forces acting on the human body and the effects produced by these forces. More specifically, Biomechanics is the study of human movement and describes the forces which cause this movement.

It is well known that athletes perform sports skills to varying degrees of success. Making Stridz Athlete Development strives to teach athletes the proper technique to perform these sports skills at the most efficient level possible. With the use of biomechanical analysis athletes are able to use visual feedback in order to identify both positive and negative aspects of their technique. From this visual feedback, athletes are able to make the necessary adjustments to improve their technique and therefore improve their overall performance.

With a Masters Degree in Sports Biomechanics, Making Stridz Athlete Development is very knowledgeable in the field of Biomechanics and is the best way to improve your sports performance.



Athlete/Team Analysis

• Athletes will be filmed during a scheduled practice and the video will be uploaded onto a computer to be analyzed
• An analysis will consist of breaking the video down into the important phases of the skill, identifying the key parameters (ie. joint angles, ranges of motion, timing of movements, etc.) and performing a qualitative analysis.
• Upon completion of the analysis, the athletes and coaches will be provided a CD containing the video and outlining the key information identified during the analysis
• A presentation of the findings can also be scheduled between the athletes and Making Stridz Athlete Development

On Site Analysis

• Athletes will be asked to perform their skill several times while the video is being uploaded directly into a laptop.
• The coaches and athletes can then review the video in order to determine where minor adjustments can be made.
• The athletes will perform the skill again, making the necessary adjustments while the video is being collected.
• Once the second round of filming has been completed, a comparison can be made between the two sets of video to see how the adjustments have affected the performance.
• This process will continue until the necessary adjustments have been identified and corrected.
• Following the filming session, a CD of all the video collected during the session will be provided to the coach/athlete.

Online Video Analysis

• Athletes will be e-mailed a protocal for video collection with specific instructions (camera angles, number of clips, etc.) as well as instructions on how to upload the video onto the server.
• Once the video has been uploaded, Making Stridz Athlete Development will begin the biomechanics analysis of the sports skill as discussed prior to the start of the project. The extent of the anlysis will be determined based on clients needs.
• Following the completion of the project, the client will be e-mail a set of instructions on how to download the finished project back onto their computer. Please note that the video will not be made available until the invoice has been cleared.

Seminar and Conference Presenter

• Contact us to find out more about our Presenter services which are now available through Making Stridz Athlete Development.

For pricing information please contact Making Stridz Athlete Development



In order to generate more racquet velocity during your tennis groundstrokes, it is important to create more shouler-hip seperation. To acheive this, rotate your shoulders further back (so the back of your shirt is facing more towards the net) and forcefully contract your obliques in order to start the powerful segmental rotation of your hips and shoulders.