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Making Stridz Athlete Development is a sports consulting business which is dedicated to the growth and development of athletes of all ages and skill levels. Through the use of Dartfish Video Analysis Software athletes are able to use visual feedback as a method of improving their technique. Making Stridz Athlete Development is a strong believer of the importance of sport science and specifically Biomechanics on athlete development and performance improvement.

Making Stridz Athlete Development was founded by Brian Shackel. Brian is a graduate from the University of Manitoba with a Masters Degree in Sports Biomechanics and a Bachelors Degree in Exercise and Sports Science. He has been working in the field of Sports Biomechanics for five years as a research assistant at the University of Manitoba and with Making Stridz Athlete Development. His area of expertise is on the mechanics of skating, but he has worked with athletes of all ages and skill levels in over 30 different sports skills. For a complete list please see the Past Projects heading.

Brian’s own sports background includes participating at the provincial level in hockey, baseball, golf and curling. He has worked with athletes at both the grassroots level and the elite level and feels that all athletes can benefit from video analysis.

Brian was born and raised on a farm in southern Manitoba. He takes pride on the importance of hard work and determination in reaching your goals. As a small business owner, he is dedicated to providing quality feedback to athletes and coaches in order to improve their athletic development and help athletes reach their goals, no matter how small or big these goals might be.


Contact Information

Making Stridz Athlete Development

Brian Shackel
MSc Sports Biomechanics, B.E.S.S., FMS, MES

Edmonton, Alberta
Office: (780) 932-2903

Thesis: A Biomechanical Comparison of Starting Technique in Hockey and Speed Skating


Past Projects

Conference Speaker:

  • Hockey Canada Skills Academy Seminar - Calgary, Alberta
    Topic - Biomechanics of Shooting (July 2012)
  • Hockey Canada Skills Academy Seminar - Calgary, Alberta
    Topic - Acceleration and Maximum Velocity Skating: Building up and Breaking Down the Skating Stride (July 2011)
  • Tennis Professionals Association - Edmonton, Alberta
    Topic - Biomechanics of Court Movement (Oct. 2011)

The following is a list of skills on which I have performed Biomechanical Analysis:

Ice Sports

  • Forward and backward skating technique, wrist shot, snap shot and slap shot in Hockey
  • Forehand shot and skating technique in Ringette
  • Short Track Speed Skating – starts, straightaways, and corners
  • Curling delivery

Racquet Sports

  • Racquetball technique – serves and return of serve, backhand and forehand
  • Tennis ground strokes
  • Forehand and backhand shots in squash
  • Badminton footwork

Team Sports

  • Basketball skills – jump shot, free throw, offensive and defensive technique
  • Defensive Soccer technique
  • Running back techniques in Football


  • Triathlon swimming technique – front crawl
  • Backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, and butterfly technique
  • The eggbeater and sculling technique of Manitoba synchronize swimmers


  • Golf swing analysis of a Canadian women’s national team member
  • Golf swing analysis - Millenium Place

Track and Field

  • Canadian track and field athletes – hurdles, pole vault, high jump, and discus
  • Throwing technique in track and field – hammer throw, discus, and shot put
  • Long jumping mechanics
  • Wheelchair sprinting technique

Miscellaneous Projects

  • Skeet shooting
  • Skate and classical cross country ski technique

The following is a list of the past projects with which I have been affiliated in the field of biomechanics:

  • NCCP certification Level 3 Video: Seven Principles of Biomechanics – University of Manitoba
  • Canadian Softball Long Term Athlete Development Model – Developmental Progressions

NOTE: If you do not see the skill you wish to have analyzed on this list, please feel free to contact us regarding what Making Stridz Athlete Development can do to meet your specific needs.

Brian Shackel