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What is Tagging?

Tagging is a component of Dartfish Video Analysis which allows for game film to be broken down into key features of the game for more in depth analysis. When the video is broken down into smaller segments, these segments are “tagged” or identified as key features which need to be viewed at a later date.




• Making Stridz Athlete Development will go through the game film and identify these key features which need to be tagged.
• When the “tagged” events have been identified, they can be grouped into like events (ie. goals for, goals against, shots for, shots against, etc) and a CD or DVD of these events can be provided to the coach for further analysis.
• Tagging results in more efficient video sessions with teams and minimizes the workload on coaches as it makes locating clips more manageable.
• Statistics can be calculated for a variety of events in order to determine a team’s success rate.


• Making Stridz Athlete Development can be contracted out to film the games or the game film can be submitted for further analysis.
• The video must be provided in its original form, preferably in Mini DV.
• Please contact Making Stridz Athlete Development before filming is initiated in order to ensure that the file format is compatible with Dartfish Software.

For pricing information please contact Making Stridz Athlete Development

Dartfish Analysis


Dartfish's tagging panel allows for events to be tagged while the video is being reviewed. A list of the tagged events is then created at the bottom of the screen for future reference.