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What is Functional Movement Screening?

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a ranking and grading system that documents movement patterns that are key to normal function ( The FMS is able to identify faulty biomechanics or movement patterns in the athletic population by highlighting specific areas of muscle weakness, muscle tightness or muscle imbalances. Using scientific principles and research, the FMS has shown an increased risk of injury is associated with athletes who show these compensatory or faulty movement patterns.

The functional movement screen is an excellent way to monitor and track the effectiveness of your training program and helps to restore normal function in the athletic population. Contact us to book your Functional Movement Screen now!



Individual Functional Movement Screening

• An individual FMS will consist of the seven functional movement patterns being screened and an FMS score will be provided to the client
• The client will then be provided with "corrective exercises" in order to help correct the weakest link in the client's movement patterns
• Follow up screens are highly recommended in order to monitor and track the clients progress

Team Functional Movement Screening

• A team or group FMS will consist of the all of the members of the team being screened performing all seven of the functional movement patterns
• The coach/manager will be provided with a list of the each members FMS score and a list of general trends will be determined. Making Stridz Athlete Development will provide the coach with a series of 3-5 exercises which can be incorporated into the teams warm up program as well as exercises for individual athletes where deemed necessary.
• Follow up screens are highly recommended in order to monitor and track the clients progress

Please contact us for pricing information. Pricing varies depending on the size of the groups and number of sessions being scheduled.

Movement Screening


The functional movement screen consists of seven different movement patterns which provides us with a whole body image of the athletes level of functioning.