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Corrective Exercises

Making Stridz Athlete Development is now certified to administer the Grey Cook Functional Movement Screen for all of your Athletic Development needs. The screen is utilized as an assessment tool in order to develop a well balanced and functionally strong athlete. The majority of athletes become "overpowered" during their training which presents a very dangerous situation in which the athlete is too powerful or explosive to control their body. As a result, it is important that athletes get back to basics and re-learn their fundamental movement patterns in order to regain better mobility, stability and eliminate any muscle imbalances. The role of the Functional Movement Screen is to address the "weakest link" in the athlete and provide "corrective movement" exercises in order to eliminate any restrictions or imbalances which might be identified during the screen.

For more information on Functional Movement Screening please contact Brian at or 780-932-2903.

Brian Shackel, MSc
Owner - Making Stridz Athlete Development