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NHL Fastest Skater

If you had a chance to watch this past weekends NHL Skills Competition and specifically the fastest skater event, you might have noticed a variety of different skating styles. However, if you look closely at the two fastest skaters in the competition Michael Grabner of the New York Islanders and Taylor Hall of the Edmonton Oilers they were able to do utilize a couple of different strategies during the race which put them in the final. Both skaters were able to demonstrate a very effective quick start with a high stride turnover and up onto their toes as they initiated the start. The skaters both showed an excellent ability to keep the feet moving going into the first turn and get into long, powerful strides during the back strightaway. Both athletes showed incredible knee flexion in their support skate and emphasized a wide, sideways directed push off. As they entered the second corner, the skaters were able to keep their feet moving and not lose any speed as the came out of the corner. Finally, as they came down the final straightway there was an emphasis on skating in a low, flexed position and getting every ounce of power out of each push off. These characteristics allow both Grabner and Hall to be two of the fastest skaters in the league, not only at the NHL Skills Competition but in the NHl every single night.

Brian Shackel, MSc
Founder, Making Stridz Athlete Development