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Skating Mechanics Assessment

Making Stridz Athlete Development is now scheduling on ice skating mechanics assessments for both forwards and defenseman. The sessions are being scheduled for August 2011 and will take place at the Argyll Arena. The assessments will include the following skills:

Forwards Skating Assessment:
-Forwards Skating Stride
-90 Degree Direction Change
-Tight Turns
-Pro Agility Test

Defenseman Skating Assessment:
-Backwards Skating Stride
-90 Degree Direction Change
-Backwards to Forwards Transition
-Pro Agility Test

The pro agility assessment is the same assessment used by Hockey Canada, where an athlete is required to do multiple forwards to backwards (and backwards to forwards) transitions while maintaining puck control during a timed event.

The athlete will be provided a CD with the full skating mechanics assessment including body positions, joint angles, and time to complete the skills. The assessment will highlight strengths and weaknesses in the athletes skating stride as well as help to provide cues for technique correction. The athlete will also be scheduled to come in for a one on one meeting to go through the assessment with our skating mechanics expert.

•Improved skating mechanics and efficiency
•Improved body awareness
•Improved method of measuring and tracking progress
•Improved method for athlete comparison (to other athletes or themselves at a later date)

The full assessment cost is $175.00 plus tax which includes the on ice filming session, CD, and player meeting. Sessions are limited to 8 athletes per group with the first session scheduled for Saturday August 6th at 10:00 AM. Small group or individual sessions are available by request at a rate to be determined based on ice availability and cost. The deadline to register for the skating mechanics assessment is Saturday July 30th. If you have any questions or are interested in registering for the Skating Mechanics Assessment, please contact as at 780-932-2903 or

Brian Shackel, MSc, BSc, FMS, MES
Founder – Making Stridz Athlete Development