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Looking to find a unique way to incorporate player development sessions into your minor hockey teams practice plans. Contact us about our baseline analysis and testing package. We will come out to your practice and coordinate a baseline testing (skating times) and video analysis session. Once we have collected the data we will then organize a follow up video session to sit down with the players one on one to work through the strengths and weaknesses of their skating stride. Once we have the data collected and have gone through the video, we will then run a follow up session to work on correcting the skating deficiencies which were noted during both the testing and video sessions. This package is a great introduction into the benefits of using video for feedback and additional sessions can be added to the package to maximize the athlete's development.

For more details on the package or to discuss other service packages targeted towards teams, please contact us at 780-932-2903 or

Making Stridz Athlete Development