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With the London Olympics only 27 days away and athletes undergoing the final Olympic Trial Competitions to determine who will represent their country, there are bound to be several disappointed athletes who might have seen their best chance to make the Olympics pass them by. With that being said, there will also be athletes who sneak up and surprise at the trials and receive an Olympic berth and those who were expected to represent their countries will continue to do so.

The majority of these athletes have been spending every day of the past four years of their life training, practicing and competing to get a chance to represent their country. At the Olympic level, the difference between gold and silver or qualifying and not qualifying comes down to the smallest details. As a result, athletes will be spending countless hours working with their performance team including Coaches, Physiologists, Psychologists, Performance Technologists and Biomechanists. Research from the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver showed that 62% of athletes which one medals were using Dartfish Video Analysis as a means of providing instant or delayed feedback to improve their technique. Will this trend continue at the summer Olympics? I think it is fair to say that this trend will not change anytime in the near future as coaches and athletes rely heavily on feedback to make minor changes in technique. These changes can be significant in helping athletes reach the podium as events can be determined by as close as 1/100 of a second....

Keep this in mind in your own sports career. Working with a Biomechanist and a "Performance Team" can help you improve your sports performance and therefore help you to reach your goals!

Thanks and have a safe and happy Canada Day Weekend!