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Here are a couple of unique gift ideas for the sports enthusiast in your family:

Intelliskin Posture Shirt:
Click on the link on our homepage for more information on this product. Intelliskin products are endorsed by many professional athletes as being beneficial in terms of performance both on and off the field. This product can be worn during both training and performing in order to improve your posture and help decrease fatigue. By improving your posture during physical activity, you are better able expand your rib cage, leading to improved breathing and better supply of blood and oxygen to the muscles. This gift idea is definetly worth some thought for the athlete in your family.

Nike + Basketball:
Click on the link below to learn more about this relatively new product.
This product is designed to provide basic biomechanics information on ground reaction forces during your sport or activty.

Looking for something more unique. Contact us about setting up a Biomechanics Assessment for the athlete in your family. We offer a variety of different services and packages to suit your budget.

Happy Holidays from Making Stridz Athlete Developmemt!

Brian Shackel, MSc