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With the playoffs just around the corner or already started for many hockey players, now is the best time of the year to begin thinking about your off season training plans. Should you enroll your son/daughter in power skating camps, skill development camps, spring hockey or off-ice strength and conditioning programs. The Edmonton area is unique in the fact that it has some of the best service providers the hockey industry has to offer, however, how do you know what services would best suit your son/daughter?

Making Stridz Athlete Development would like to help simplify this question and get you on the right track for your summer planning. To be involved in this unique opportunity, contact us about our online video analysis program and functional movement screen services. By providing us with video of your son/daughter performing a set of pre-determined skating drills and skills we can help identify specific areas of weakness in their skating or skill development. Combining this with a functional movement screen, we can help to identify specific areas of muscle weakness and/or tightness in their movement patterns. Following the screen, we can begin to clarify the picture of what services your son/daughter could benefit from the most in their off season training and help suggest camps and or coaches in your area to help maximize their potential.

Thanks for your time and look forwards to talking with you in the near future.

Brian Shackel, MSc